Meet Laiza

About Laiza

Elizabeth Laiza King is a digital marketing and branding strategist, passionate about helping individuals and organizations to craft a compelling brand voice in line with their mission, while building more impact and income.

Through her training and development brand,, Laiza provides online and in-person education for high performance individuals and organizations on topics including entrepreneurship, spirituality, personal development, branding and digital marketing.

Laiza’s passion grew stronger after she encountered a personal health challenge that led her into a state of depression and near suicide.

After going through several phases of intentional growth practices, she was able to bounce back, rewrite her story, build a business and start inspiring and teaching more people through the lessons she has learnt so far.

Since then, Laiza has had the opportunity to train over 5,000 entrepreneurs, consult with reputable companies on digital marketing and also speak on platforms such as TEDx, Social Media Week and more.

With a unique gift of transforming people and helping them maximize their potentials, Laiza continues to find new ways to create impact through her social enterprise MANIFEST Network which reaches over 20,000 people.

Laiza holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting from Suffolk University Boston, Massachusetts.

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